Is It Safe To Water Bath Can Vegetables? With Guest Jo Rellime

Is It Safe To Water Bath Can Vegetables? With Guest Jo Rellime

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Today is Day 18 of our 30 days of homesteading Q&A on the podcast where I have reached out to some of the best bloggers and podcasters in the homesteading space to answer your questions about homesteading.

Today’s question is “Why is it not safe to water bath can my vegetables? I was told if they went bad I would be able to tell. Is this true or do I need to pressure can?”

Back to answer today’s question is Jo Rellime from Homestead Chronicles.

Resources Mentioned by Jo:

Story on the botulism outbreak in Lancaster, Ohio in the spring of 2015. Please read all the way to the end as it provides confirmation that the science we are discussing is accurate:

USDA’s National Center for Home For Preservation at

Ball’s Website under Recipes at

Ball Blue Book Guide To Preserving, 37Th Edition (affiliate link) at

When in doubt, you can always check with Ball’s Ask the Expert forum at

Home Canning – How to Avoid Botulism” from HealthLink BC at

Safe Canning By the Book on Debbie’s Back Porch (facebook group for trusted canning advice, tips, and tested recipes links) at

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