Palram Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse

In the last few years, I’ve been asked many times about my Palram Greenhouse; where can they get one like it? Would I recommend it? Is It built well? It has been a useful centerpiece in my homestead backyard but should you get one?

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Palram Greenhouse

About The Palram Greenhouse

This Palram Greenhouse uses polycarbonate panels that are surprisingly more durable than they initially seemed. When I first built this greenhouse, the panels seems a little disappointing to me as they felt flimsy, but after a few years of abuse, they have held up very well.

The frame is painted aluminum which makes rust a non-issue. However, the base is galvanized steel for structural support. The frame has built-in rain gutters and an adjustable roof vent.

Overall it’s a pretty solid greenhouse. I attached the frame to a heavy 4″x4″ base which added to the stability and has kept it grounded through years of high wind storms.

Some Useful Add-On Accessories For The Palram Greenhouse

Automatic Roof Vent Opener

The first couple of years I had my greenhouse, I opened and closed my greenhouse hatch manually, and it was something I had to remember and do, or it could get too hot in the greenhouse and overheat the plants.

Once I installed this automatic roof vent opener, it took off a lot of pressure and worry about if the vent needed to be opened or not. Now it’s something I give no thought to, so I highly recommend getting this opener if you have the Palram Greenhouse.

Palram – Canopia Automatic Roof Vent Opener for Greenhouses
  • Opens automatically when temperature rises to vent your Canopia Greenhouse
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Simple, oil-filled cylinder, no power needed

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Twist Clip Hangers

These clips lock into tracks that are built into the inner frame and are extremely helpful for hanging planters; and I also use them to lock in plastic on the walls and roof through the winter months for extra insulation.

Greenhouse Twist Clips, 100PCS Greenhouse Hooks Hanger Green House Planter Clips Hook Accessories for Aluminium Greenhouse Insulation
  • 【Package Information】You will receive the package with 100 pieces of…
  • 【Size Details】Greenhouse fixing clip: 0.7 x 1.37 inch/ 1.8 x 3.5 cm. Max…
  • 【Easy to Install】Just simply insert it and tighten the insulation. You can…

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Trellising Kit

If you plan on growing tomatoes or vining plants in your greenhouse, these trellis kits can be useful for controlling the growth of your plants and making the most of the space you have available.

Palram – Canopia Trellising Kit Pro for Canopia Greenhouses
  • Includes six roller hooks spool with 25m twine
  • Three types of support clips for different vine crops
  • Assures accurate height control of lengthy plants

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Would I Recommend This Greenhouse Over Other Greenhouses?

I have been around a couple of other brands of small hobby greenhouses though I’ve never owned one of them. One brand that is often considered in contrast to the Palram is the Harbor Freight Greenhouse.

The Palram is a more expensive option but In my opinion, is higher quality, more stable, and much easier to put together. The Harbor Freight Greenhouse is notorious for an unpleasant installation experience but certainly more affordable for frugal homesteaders.

To answer the question, Yes, I would recommend the Palram Greenhouse simply because I have owned mine for a few years with no issues. The polycarbonate panels have held up very well with no cracking or discoloring, and I don’t know if cheaper greenhouses would hold up quite as well.

Palram Canopia Greenhouse Kit 6′ x 8′ Hobby Walk-In Polycarbonate Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame Lockable Door and Vent Hybrid (Forest Green)

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Do You Need A Greenhouse?

You don’t need one, but they can certainly be a blessing when it comes to growing season extension and seed starting, but they are not a fix for everything. When the sun goes down and the temperature drops, the greenhouse will be the same temperature as outside without a heat source.

If you just can’t justify purchasing a greenhouse, then perhaps a DIY hoophouse is something to consider, so check out this post on how to build one out of cattle panels.


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