Kenley 5 Quart Fermentation Crock

If you have done any research on fermented foods, you have likely discovered the amazing health benefits associated with them and how easy it can be to do it yourself, especially with a fermentation crock. For centuries fermented food has been a staple in the diets of nearly every people group in one form or another.

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Fermenting Crock

What Is A Fermentation Crock?

Fermentation crocks are ceramic or stoneware containers specially designed for fermenting and pickling safely. They are made to provide optimal conditions for the process. Many are constructed in a way to create an airlock in order to keep bad bacteria and bugs out of your crock while letting the gases escape.

Why Is Using A Fermentation Crock A Great Way To Ferment?

Many people simply use mason jars to do their fermenting, but there are a few reasons a fermentation crock is better.

The thicker material of a crock helps regulate conditions within the crock and creates a more stable fermentation process meaning more beneficial bacteria.

The large size makes it convenient for making larger batches of fermented foods compared to using mason jars. Because a crock is large, it also has a large opening to add whatever you’re going to ferment, making the job easier.

Water-sealed crocks like this Kenley also provide a level of safety above and beyond open crocks and mason jars by ensuring no bad bacteria or insects can get into the container.

Most crocks like this Kenley also come with stone weights that are used to keep everything you’re fermenting below the water, which keeps mold from growing on your ferment.

About The Kenley Fermentation Crock

This Kenley fermentation crock is an affordable large crock that can hold up to 8 pounds of vegetables for those larger batches of healthy fermented foods. Just this morning, I shredded two whole cabbages for sauerkraut and added them to my crock, and there was plenty of room to spare.

The Kenly also has a burp lid that lets the fermentation gases escape while keeping air out that could contain bad bacteria. The lid also ensures bugs stay out of your ferment. Anyone who has ever fermented knows that gnats and other insects love to follow the escaped fermenting gases straight to where they are coming from.

Something I really like about this crock is that it is made from high-grade ceramic and a food-safe coating that won’t affect the taste of your ferment and prevents oxidation. The coating also makes it easy to clean.

This crock also comes with stone weights to hold down your vegetables and a wooden pounder to break down the kraut for the fermenting process.

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Do You Need A Fermentation Crock To Get Started Fermenting?

For years I used mason jars for fermenting with special lids that made it easy, but there is no doubt that the fermenting crock does it better and makes the job easier.

However, don’t let not having one keep you from getting into fermenting. The health benefits of fermented food will make it a skill worth taking some time to learn and making do with what you have, even if it’s just making sauerkraut in mason jars.

How To Make Sauerkraut In A Fermentation Crock

Every week I highlight an item I personally use and recommend. Find More Products Here.


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