Figuring Out The Homestead Life With Guest Lana Jackson

On today’s podcast episode I’m joined by Lana Jackson, a homesteader on 13 acres in Iowa, and in her own words she’s “a city girl trying to figure out country life.” Lana is someone eager to help others down the homesteading path by giving advice and sharing her struggles to hopefully keep them from making some of the mistakes and going through some of the struggles she has.


Lana and I discuss:

  • The struggles of country life.
  • The learning process involved in raising rabbits and goats.
  • Using mentors and community to learn homesteading skills.
  • Learning through mistakes, preferably other people’s mistakes.
  • The responsibility of homesteading chores and the health benefits of having consistent daily work to do.
  • She shares with us the design of their chicken coop and protecting the birds from predators.
  • Being prepared for medical emergencies on the homestead by having basic medical training and supplies.
  • Home repairs and the challenges of finding trustworthy people to do the things you can’t do.
  • And Much More.


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