Full Time Jobs and A Busy Growing Homestead With Guest Steve Dinicol

On today’s podcast episode I have a conversation with Steve Dinicol, a homesteader on 133 acres in British Columbia Canada. Steve and his wife work full-time jobs and still manage to operate and expand their homestead although expand too quickly at times as Steve will confess.


Steve and I discuss:

  • What led him down the homesteading path
  • Raising cattle
  • Raising sheep
  • Raising chickens for eggs and meat
  • Animal processing
  • Deer hunting
  • Gardening in a northern climate
  • Foraging for mushrooms
  • His newly planted fruit tree orchard and berry bushes
  • Perennial vegetables
  • Future plans for their homestead like bees, goats, rabbits, and chicken expansion
  • Advice for beginner homesteaders


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