A Family Homesteading For Self Sufficiency With Guest Cindy Patterson

On today’s podcast episode I’m joined by Cindy Patterson. Cindy and her family live on a 700-acre farm/homestead in Saskatchewan Canada and are doing a little bit of everything to be as self-sufficient as they can be.

Cindy and I discuss:

  • The livestock they are raising; cattle, a milk cow, goats, rabbits, quail, and chickens.
  • Using nature to provide for their homestead by hunting, foraging, and trapping.
  • Gardening vegetables and herbs.
  • Different methods of food preservation
  • Other homesteading skills such as soap making, sewing, knitting, making herbal medicine, and homemade household cleaning products.
  • Winter preparedness
  • Teaching her children homesteading skills.
  • Community building and sharing with others the homesteading lifestyle.


Resources and links from today’s episode:

Cindy’s Homestead Facebook Page – Homestead Therapy

Homestead Front Porch Facebook Group

Mother Earth News Homesteading Summit


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