Homesteaders Share Why They Started Homesteading

The Modern Homesteading Podcast, Episode 78 – Homesteaders Share Why They Started Homesteading

In this episode, I was feeling under the weather and fighting a cough so I asked some folks if they wanted to share why they started homesteading. This is a collaboration from a few homesteaders about what lead them down this path.

We will hear from:

Troy McClung from Red Tool House –

Christopher Solesbee from

David from

Tom Domres from The Small Scale Life Podcast –

I also went into past episodes and pulled out a couple:

Ariel Gunn from episode 42

Cindy Patterson from episode 44

We close with my story which is taken from a podcast episode I was interviewed for by Jason Carrier of The Live Free and Grow Podcast.

I hope these stories of why we got into homesteading cause you to think about the reasons you homestead or inspire to start your journey down the homesteading path.